Hating on bike polo

Commentary on an Urban Sub-Culture.

Photo by Medic Mike. Nice shot Mike.

X X Why?

Search any bike polo ruleset for the following terms: "gender, co-ed, woman, women, equality." You won't get any results. 

In the wake of LA6 in Toronto, it seems fitting to comment on this fact. Bike polo rulesets invariably refer to 'players', and operate on the organic, free-range, grain fed assumption that this apples to all genders. 

Systematically ignoring inequality under the ruse of enforcing equality has been a staple of racist and sexist institutions since the civilizing effects of the 60's and 70's began to allow woman and blacks into the caucasian gentlemen's club known as 'people.'

The sophomoric logic goes something like this: If you don't want gender to be a factor in your sport, simply ignore a players gender. 

About three and a half seconds of thought later, given a functioning brain, one realizes the problem. When systemic, institutionalized discrimination has left one category of players many steps behind others, ignoring such categories cements the inequality.